Fishbowl Marketing

Powerhouse Intensives (1:1)

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We understand that for some people, you want a team of experts to come in and solve your problems for you. But for some, you need a team to support and empower you to find the growth, clarity, and direction as well as to help with accountability to keep you moving forward.

We will empower you to find clarity & optimization through purpose-driven coaching, mentoring, and accountability.

  • Personalized Kickoff
    • We'll walk you through your long-term business goals and work backward to craft a winning growth plan. 
  • Bi-Monthly Strategy Calls
    • Every 2 weeks we will connect in-person or via Google meet to review marketing tactics and progress.
  • Ongoing Accountability
    • Everything we discuss is tracked and documented so you will have access to in-depth notes to review whenever and wherever you need to.
  • Best-in-Class Strategy Consults
    • Each client gets a dedicated call to go through our extensive research and analysis to create a strategy, execute a strategy or simply provide feedback on design or tactical direction.